Nieuwe foto’s van Nabil Mallat als Ismaël Abdoul in Cool Abdoul

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Celebrating international photography day, we asked our setphotographer Sofie Gheysens to share some of the pictures she treasures most made on the set of Cool Abdoul. Sofie: "Actor Nabil Mallat interprets the role of Ismaïl, a boxing champion. The last days on set were all fighting scenes. It was extremely hot and we were on a tight schedule. Nabil was in the ring all day, pushing both the choreography and his body to the limit. He did this without complaining or losing devotion. The most interesting thing was watching him in between takes, quietly accumulating his energy. The contrast between his power and his vulnerability captured in these two pictures, strikes me. To me, looking for this, is photography." . . //COOL ABDOUL// Produced by @potemkino_productions Directed by @jonasbaeckeland Distributed by @kfdfilm Based on the life of @coolabdoul76 Played by @mallat.nabil and @anemonevalcke Picture by @sofiegheysens . . #bounceback #determination #nevergiveup #nevergiveuponyourdreams #nevergiveuphope #nevergiveuponyourself #shots #motivation #motivational #motivationmonday #motivationalquote #tryyourbest #worldphotographyday #photography #photooftheday

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