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Eerste karaktervideo’s van Hobbs & Shaw

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Hobbs, Shaw & Brixton in nieuwe foto van de Fast & Furious spin-off

Eerste kijk op Eiza Gonzalez in Hobbs & Shaw

Vanessa Kirby op de vlucht in nieuwe Hobbs & Shaw foto

Eerste kijk op Vanessa Kirby in Hobbs & Shaw

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Building out our Fast & Furious franchise step by step. In our spin-off, HOBBS & SHAW, I have a nice new friend. Meet “Hattie Shaw” played by my homegirl, @vanessa__kirby. Hattie loves the following/ Longs walks on the beach. Being a bad ass MI6 Operative. Drinking tequila with Hobbs. And not in that order. Hattie also happens to be the sister of Deckard Shaw, who’s played by @jasonstatham. It tortures him that his sister Hattie is kickin’ it with Hobbs. His pain ? makes me very happy. But what makes me happier is welcoming this crazy talented actress and cool chick to our movie. Havin’ a blast together. Building out the franchise step by step. #HattieShaw #MI6BadAss #TequilaDrinkerWithHobbs HOBBS & SHAW ?

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Idris Elba vervoegt cast van Hobbs & Shaw

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#Repost @therock I learned a long time ago (when I was a very sinful eyebrow raising villainous man in the crazy world of pro wrestling;) that heroes are only as great as their greatest villains. A pleasure to introduce the man himself @idriselba we brought in to our Fast & Furious franchise to wreak havoc, hell and mayhem on our heroes HOBBS & SHAW. The name: BRIXTON. The record: UNDEFEATED. The promise: SHOWDOWN OF ALL SHOWDOWNS. So cool having my brother @idriselba come and play in our sandbox. This one’s been years in the making!! As I always say, we either gonna get along or we gonna get it on… And fuck getting along 😈 #BRIXTON #TheConsequenceAgent #HellRaiser HOBBS & SHAW SUMMER 2019 📸 @hhgarcia41

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